The best running shoes in 2020 – The shakeout podcast

Paul Freary is an ex international runner, who is now a running shoe expert. We discuss the best running shoes for milage, achilles issues, training, racing and exciting new shoes which are coming out. It was great hearing the opinion of an expert who isn’t biased towards one specific brand.
If you have any more questions surrounding which running shoes are best or anything shoe related, DM us on Instagram and we will cover it on a future episode. Also, if you’re listening on Apple Podcasts please leave an honest rating, any feedback really helps us improve.

Women’s NCAA XC Rankings 2022

1Katelyn Tuohy2Parker Valby3Mercy Chelangat4Ceili McCabe5Taylor Roe6Kelsey Chmiel7Hilda Olemomoi8Isabel Van-Camp9Elise Stearns10Natalie CookTop 330 Rankings further down 11Samantha Bush12Everlyn Kemboi13Aubrey Frentheway14Gracelyn Larkin15Billah Jepkirui16Kaylee Mitchell17Bailey Hertenstein18Emily Venters19Amelia Mazza-Downie20Olivia Markezich21Amaris Tyynismaa22Addie Engel23Maia Ramsden24Isabel Van…

Men’s NCAA XC rankings 2022

1 Charles Hicks 2 Nico Young 3 Ky Robinson 4 Alex Maier 5 Casey Clinger 6 Cole Sprout 7 Victor Kiprop 8 Ehab El-Sandali 9 Dylan Jacobs 10 Drew Bosley…


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Saucony Triumph 20 Review – Wow!

Saucony Triumph 20 Review The Saucony triumph 20 is a great combination of lightweight and cushion, which provides an unrivalled comfort I’ve not felt in a Saucony ‘nonsuper’ shoe before…

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