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The three videos below are our favourite “workout” videos which are amazing to incorporate in your training schedule, to improve your core / technique.

  • The 8 best tips for race day
    Trackstaa gets you ready for the big day by giving you our top tips for race day. The buzz of race day, the flutters of excitement you get in the pit of your stomach, gradually increasing in intensity, the unavoidable nerves that overwhelm you as you get closer to ‘go-time’, have, over the course of the global pandemic, dwindled into a nothing more than a memory akin to a vague dream. For almost all of us, it’s been far too long. Now, this article isn’t designed to give you all the answers. In fact, much of the race day ritual …

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  • The different type of training paces
    Hopefully within this article we can answer some of the most common questions we get about the different type of training paces. What is threshold pace? What is tempo pace? What’s the difference between tempo and threshold pace… Etc. As every runner who is new to the sport knows, running is full of its exclusive jargon. Sometimes it can feel as though the sport is actively trying to exclude new people by making it overly complicated – why can’t we just go out and run? Well, you can, and if you enjoy it and it improves your mental and physical …

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  • Flexibility For Runners – How to Improve
    Improving flexibility for runners As runners we all know that remembering to stretch after a long run or a tough workout is something that often gets missed. We convince ourselves that a few dynamic stretches at some point in the first mile of our run will be enough. But this isn’t quite enough in improving flexibility for runners Like anything, however, a dedicated commitment to stretching and improving flexibility can reap huge rewards for recovery and performance in particular by facilitating a longer stride length and quicker cadence. Making sure that muscles are supple and not too tight is also …

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  • Ingebrigtsen training 2020
    Ingebrigtsen training The most common questions we get asked are; What’s Eliud Kipchoge’s training? What is Joshua Cheptegei’s training? But most of all it’s what is the Ingebrigtsen training methods. More specifically, what is Jakob Ingebrigtsen’s training methods. Within this article we hope to bring light upon one of the holy grails of track and field. Which is what are the Ingebrigtsen training secrets. After a lot of help from Norwegian trackstaa follower’s, as well as intensive research. We hope we can give the most accurate representation of the Ingebrigtsen training we can. Ingebrigtsen training methods Ingebrigtsen training threshold  Jakob …

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  • Runners Diet – Superfoods For Running
    Following on from our recent articles on nutrition and, particularly, the benefits of dark chocolate. Here we discuss other types of superfoods that can improve your performance in your toughest training sessions and on race day. Which superfoods should be in a runners diet? What are superfoods in a runners diet? Maybe it’s my overactive imagination but when I think of ‘superfoods’, I think of a stick of celery in a cape with its underpants over its leggings. Alas, and frankly unfortunately, that is not a superfood. Yet celery on the other hand can have it’s benefits within a runners …

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  • Eluid Kipchoge training
    If anyone who doesn’t know. Eliud Kipchoge is the greatest marathon runner of all time. With an official World Record PB of 2:01:39. He obviously also seemingly cruised to a time of 1:59:40 in the INEOS challenge, but due to the controlled environment and the shoes he wore, we wont discuss that so we avoid any controversy. With the title of being the greatest marathon runner in history, along with being one of the best track runners of all time, Kipchoge’s training methods are some of the wonders of distance running. In this article we will touch on some of …

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  • The performance benefits of beetroot juice
    On Monday 20th of April, we will be doing a collaboration with Beetitsport, where 2 winners will be selected to receive a package filled with Beetitsport products and 1 winner will receive a Nike Oregon project vest. We have used Beetroot as a part of our training and races preparation for a few years. From personal use, I can 100% vouch for the importance of including beetroot in your diet as the Health/Performance benefits are outstanding. Below is a video which simplifies the process and highlights the main benefit. Increased oxygen supply to muscles ultimately improves performance drastically, as it …

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  • At home Ab workout for running
    Within this workout you should have 30 seconds rest between rep sets and 1 minute rest between differing exercises. Hanging leg raises 3×15 reps Side Plank 3×45 seconds (Each side) Crunches 3×15 reps Russian twists 3×15 reps Leg raises 3×15 reps Plank 3×45 seconds (If you are unable to do hanging leg raises then do v-sits instead) Reasoning for each exercise: Hanging leg raises – It is an unrivalled way of developing your entire abdominal region that every gym-goer would want to incorporate into their workout routine. It works all aspects of your core Side plank – Core Strength, This …

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  • Ingebrigtsen Training method – 2020
    Updated Ingebrigtsen training method click here The reason insights into the Ingebrigtsen training method are so desired is due to the success of the three siblings; Henrik, Fillip and Jakob. Key focus is on the wonder kid, Jakob Ingebrigtsen, mainly due to his times as well as his double European gold medals over 1500m and 5000m at only 17 years of age. From extensive research as well as help from some Norwegian athletes I have gained enough knowledge of their training routine to cover their training sessions and weekly schedule and reasons for what they do. Ingebrigtsen Training methods Thresholds …

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  • Research on the training effects of the Vaporfly
    After my 2019 outdoor track season, I was pretty disappointed in my overall results. I’d raced a 10k in the Nike Zoom Victory 3 and the cushioning was insufficient to keep the spike plate from digging into my feet. This was so severe that my spike plate cut off my circulation and caused my feet and calves to fall asleep with two-and-a-half miles to go. The result was agonizing. As a college 5k/10k runner, I hadn’t even considered the Nike Zoom Vaporfly 4% for my purposes yet. But after my 10k, two factors caused me to rethink that. First, an …

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  • 7 ways to be a faster runner in 2020
    Running is one of the most popular world sports, meaning it is probably also one of the most competitive sports, whether thats at your local 5km Parkrun or at the olympics. This blog should give you a better understanding on How to be a faster runner and will include many training tips and useful accessories with the goal to increase your motivation for fitness. I will also be going through some cross country tips as well as how to combat injuries such as pain in the front hip or Achilles tendonitis. How to be a faster runner How to be a faster runner is quite a broad question as countless coaches will be able …

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  • Elite Nutrition Guide
    Trackstaa Elite nutrition guide Eat the right foods the day before competition: Our main fuel is carbohydrates, which is stored inside our muscles. It takes around 24 hours to fully fuel the body. If you want to have full carbohydrate capacity, you need to eat carbohydrate-based foods every 2-3 hours the day before. For example: Breakfast – Toast, tea cake, crumpet, muffin and jam, fruit juice and water. Snack – Banana, water Lunch – Soup and a sandwich, yoghurt, fruit and water Snack – Banana, water Evening meal – Rice, potatoes or pasta, chicken/fish in source, at least 2 vegetables, …

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