Personalised coaching for a range of abilities & distances

We offer bespoke running training plans for a wide range of runners of all abilities, from complete beginners to international athletes. Regardless of location, our team of qualified and experienced running coaches,  can help.

Following an initial telephone or face-to-face consultation, your personal running coach will create a bespoke running training plan tailored to your needs and goals. Taking into account your personal goals, ability level, training history, and schedule. No more generic training plans; maximise your time and training with a personal schedule written just for you. 

We offer

  • Initial consultation with your coach to set your goals,discuss your training history and get to know you and your schedule.
  • A detailed, personalised training plan,designed specifically for you, taking into account your other commitments and routine.
  • A week-by-week schedule, easy to follow, with measured outcomes.

 Your training plan is built around your lifestyle requirements, giving you the best chance of completing it and achieving your goal.

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Other services

 Video gait analysis – with one of the UK’s most experienced analysts, Orthotics – We use the World’s only system that uses a dynamic assessment and creates a totally unique 3D printed orthotic device & Running Shoe prescription and advise – We can advise on the most suitable footwear for your needs.


Your bespoke running training plan will be written to reflect reality, your work and home life as well as other commitments. We recognise the need to sometimes fit running into a busy schedule and work with you. This unique holistic approach means that, for example, if you can’t train on Mondays, we’ll work around that.  We’ll work out  where your hill session fits in as well as that long runs.