Adidas Takumi Sen 8 Review

Adidas has been on a complete renovation of their running shoes. Most shoe companies decide to introduce a completely new shoe when coming into the market with super shoes. But Adidas have opted to innovate their current models. Up until this point it was a 50/50 split, with many people liking the new Adidas Adios …

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The best running shoes in 2022

The Best Running shoes in 2022

In the current running shoe World there are so many new shoe releases, from countless brands, it’s hard to stay on top of what’s hype and what’s the real deal. Also, with prices constantly creeping up, it’s important to know the ones worth buying over the running shoe’s that are more of a marketing play. …

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Hoka Bondi X Review

Hoka Bondi X review Hoka have been a prominent force in the high stack running shoe space over the last few years, but for me personally they’ve lacked innovation that has put them on a gradually decline compared to other footwear companies that have been prevalent in foam and structure innovation. However, the Hoka Bondi …

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Trackstaa takes a look at the latest gadget in wearable technology, the MYMO device. As ever with our product reviews, we are not being paid to test out this product or to only say the good things. We were provided with a MYMO device to test out and review and what follows is our honest …



Trackstaa tests out and reviews the portable resistance training device ‘Ex-Belt’ In our next product review, we had the fantastic opportunity to try out the most recent addition in the easy-to-use, portable training device market, the ‘EX-BELT’. As with all our reviews, we give our honest opinion. We are not being paid by the manufacturer …


black woman and kid wrapping gifts for new year

Christmas presents for runners 2020

CHRISTMAS PRESENTS FOR RUNNERS (or Christmas gifts for runners depending on which word you use) In this article Trackstaa gives you the inspiration you need to write that all-important Christmas list. With our pick of the best Christmas presents for runners in 2020 As we enter the dark nights of December, everyone’s thoughts, even when …

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