Matthew Ramsden Podcast

One of our best episodes to date. We had the chance to chat to Matthew Ramsden whilst he’s preparing for his 1500m in Doha. We speak about some running stuff, like what he accounts his improvements too. But we also speak about things like which national DMR would win in a fight. (We think Norway). …

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The super shoe podcast

On today’s podcast we talk about the serious contending super shoes and how they compare with each other. After you’ve listened to the podcast and want some content which is more visual. You can check out our vlog on youtube.

trackstaa shakeout podcast monaco

Trackstaa shakeout podcast

After a bit of time off from the shakeout pod, we are back! We talk all things Monaco as well as some of our future plans for Trackstaa and our general waffling. We will be producing consistent content after a short break for some family stuff. Future podcasts with some big time guests are in …

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Charles Hicks – Our running crushes

Spotify Apple Youtube Other   Charles Hicks saves the day by covering for The athlete Special and Ben Crawford. We speak about pretty much everything under the sun whilst managing some audio issues. We were not interrupting Rory we promise 😉  30th September 2022CoachingTrackstaa's coaching 1-1 coaching programme which meets individual needs, whilst optimising their …

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