World Half Marathon Championships 2020

An event we probably didn’t think was going to happen a few months again. The World Half Marathon Championships 2020 are set to be an exciting prospect. With 2 of 2020’s best performers and 2019 World XC 1st and 2nd; Joshua Cheptegei & Jacob Kiplimo looking to make a big mark on the Half Marathon World, after impressing this season. Joshua Cheptegei with his 5000m & 10000m Track World records. Jacob Kiplimo with is sub 12:50 5000m and 7:26 3000m.

In the Women’s race; Jepchirchir and Yeshaneh are the favourites for the title. Both World record holders in this event. Yeshaneh has the faster time overall but Jepchirchir has the World Record due to the fact her time was achieved in a Women’s only race.

Where to watch the World Half Marathon Championships 2020

You can watch the 2020 World half marathon championships right here (Stream will be below when available). Depending on your Geographical location, you can also watch it on; BBC Sport, TVP Sports, NRK, Olympic Channel & TYC Sport. The stream starts at 8:30am UTC.

Stream will be here

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