Getting deep with Zach and Bashir

Zach and Bashir host’s of the conveniently named Zach & Bashir show, come on the podcast to talk about an array of things from the economical/political current affairs, to boxing the athlete special. We speak about what motivates us and how each of us met. Bashir and Zach are both amazing guys and it was a pleasure to have them on.


Matthew Ramsden Podcast

One of our best episodes to date. We had the chance to chat to Matthew Ramsden whilst he’s preparing for his 1500m in Doha. We speak about some running stuff,…

The super shoe podcast

On today’s podcast we talk about the serious contending super shoes and how they compare with each other. After you’ve listened to the podcast and want some content which is…
Never help people

Dont help people! 2 Emily’s and a Rachel

On today’s podcast we’re joined my Colorado’s own Emily Covert and Rachel Mcarthur. With a special guest appearance from Emily Venters to complete the trio. We see which friend knows…
Firefly recovery

The best way to recover – Firefly Recovery

Today we speak with Anthony Kjenstad who is the founder of athletic recovery & performance. We speak about the best ways to recover, the benefits of correct recovery and the issues…
_The Running Pod_ (2)

Podcast with my non running girlfriend

I thought it would be an interesting idea to get my (Alfie) girlfriend on the podcast to test her knowledge of the sport. We talk about her “olympic predictions” as…

Trackstaa shakeout podcast

After a bit of time off from the shakeout pod, we are back! We talk all things Monaco as well as some of our future plans for Trackstaa and our…

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We have the goal to accelerate the growth of the sport, as well as increase the exposure of athletes, who we know do not get enough attention. 

Trackstaa is ran by two athletes from the UK, Alfie Manthorpe & Rory Leonard. We are both predominantly 5000m runners, but are invested in any distance/event within the sport.

Trackstaa was originally founded in August 2019, but the actual direction of our “business” was fully decided around April 2020. We are currently starting to produce more original content, as well as sharing other peoples content, on our pages Trackstaa & Trackstaa News. On the original content side of things, we currently produce 2-3 podcasts a week with elite athletes and aim to release at least 1 youtube video a week.

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We are always looking for great content to share. If you feel like you could help with any content production (articles, photo edits, youtube videos), please send us a DM on instagram so we can discuss producing some great content together. 
 We are also currently planning something very exciting with some great content producers. If you have any ideas for future projects, again, feel free to DM us on Instagram to discuss it. We are always looking for new ideas and ways to grow the sport. 


If you want to read our recent article on Kipchoge’s training, click here.


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