Josh Lay and Olivia Mason couples podcast

Josh Lay and Olivia Mason are arguably the second most powerful couple within the running World. (Second to Donavan Brazier & Craig Engels). We spoke about their training & relationship during lockdown as well as their future plans within the sport. We even managed to play a game of Mr and MRS.

Trackstaa Content

Thank you for showing interest in producing content for our social platforms. As we progress in 2022 we want to focus more on athlete content and we see this as…

Kenenisa Bekele Training

Kenenisa Bekele is often regarded as the greatest distance runner in History with 3 Olympic gold medals, 1 Olympic silver medal, 5 World championship gold medals, 1 World indoor gold…

The Best Running shoes in 2022

In the current running shoe World there are so many new shoe releases, from countless brands, it’s hard to stay on top of what’s hype and what’s the real deal.…

5 new New Balance running shoes 2022

New Balance have taken 2021 by storm and competing with Asics and Adidas I would say they have potentially had the most successful 2021 in terms of new shoe releases…

Sam Parsons Podcast Quotes

“Long Live TME was built off of this idea, inspired by a lot of the things the guys went through, particularly Brogan…no matter how dead you are, but you still…

For some information on the training of Kipchoge, you can click here

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