The best running shoes ever podcast

This is the Second of our “shakeout” podcasts. A shorter format where we focus on shorter topics.  We answer follower questions, including; the best shoes, the best ways to recovery, our diets & more.Hope you enjoy and as always we’d love any feedback!
Podcast overview – We start by talking about our sessions and our favourite surface to train on. We then touch on the new shoe regulations. We also discuss our average daily diet before answering a few quick fire questions. To finish we discuss our favourite shoes ever and shoes we are excited about in the near future.

Nike Zoom Fly 5 leaked_

Nike Zoom Fly Fly – Zoomx Finally

Nike Zoom fly 5 Nike have dominated the performance running shoe game since the dawn of supershoes half a decade ago. However, in recent years most top running brands have…

The Best running shoes in 2022

The Best running shoes in 2022 This is a list of all the best running shoes in 2022, so far. This list will be updated when we believe a new…

Adidas Prime X Review

The Adidas Adizero Prime X may be the best shoe I have ever worn in my entire life. That isn’t an exaggeration, I can’t think of a single shoe that…

George Mills signs with On running

Goals moving forward with On? The main goal & most important thing is to improve as an athlete, keep learning, progressing and aim to make that step to be able…

Adidas Takumi Sen 8 Review

Adidas has been on a complete renovation of their running shoes. Most shoe companies decide to introduce a completely new shoe when coming into the market with super shoes. But…

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