Jordan Gusman Podcast

Jordan Gusman is an international runner for Malta and Tinman Elite. In this podcast we talk about his running life, such as his favourite session and pre race meal. But for the main portion of this podcast we talk about his life outside of running and his views on the World.


His times:

Discipline Performance Wind Venue Date Records  
200 Metres 25.75 -1.5 Gold Coast (AUS) 19 JUN 2011    
300 Metres 36.15   Gold Coast (AUS) 25 NOV 2011    
400 Metres 48.89   Sydney (AUS) 14 OCT 2012    
600 Metres 1:20.17   Gold Coast (AUS) 24 FEB 2012    
800 Metres 1:48.65   Canberra (AUS) 16 APR 2016    
1500 Metres 3:37.52   Los Angeles, CA (USA) 17 MAY 2018    
One Mile 3:57.29   Sydney (AUS) 23 DEC 2017    
3000 Metres 7:48.17   Sydney (AUS) 11 NOV 2017    
5000 Metres 13:21.35   Palo Alto, CA (USA) 02 MAY 2019    
10,000 Metres 28:35.77   Hagenauer Reserve, Box Hill, Melbourne (AUS) 14 DEC 2019 NR  

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