How to get into the NCAA Podcast

This is the first of our “shakeout” podcasts. A shorter format where we focus on one topic. This week is the NCAA and our experience with the recruitment. Hope you enjoy and as always we’d love any feedback!


NCAA Women’s XC Rankings 2021

The more races that happen, the more accurate the rankings will get. Mercy Chelangat,1Whittni Orton,2Ceili McCabe,3Taylor Roe,4Abby Nichols,5Kelsey Chmiel,6Grace Forbes,7Jenna Mulhern,8Lauren Ryan,9Jenna Magness,10Bethany Hasz,11Taryn O’Neill,12Katelyn Tuohy,13Lauren Gregory,14Ellie Leather,15Emily Covert,16Cailie Logue,17Sophie…

NCAA Men’s XC Rankings 2021

Not perfect but better 🙂 Conner Mantz, 1 Adriaan Wildschutt, 2 Wesley Kiptoo, 3 Cooper Teare, 4 Isai Rodriguez, 5 Abdihamid Nur, 6 Victor Kiprop, 7 Dylan Jacobs, 8 Charles…

Hoka Bondi X Review

Hoka Bondi X review Hoka have been a prominent force in the high stack running shoe space over the last few years, but for me personally they’ve lacked innovation that…

Cole Hocker Sweat Elite Interview

This is a breakdown of Cole Hocker’s interview on the sweat elite podcast. Cole Hocker has just turned pro, joining Nike after running for the University of Oregon for one…

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