Morgan McDonald – Athlete Interview

We had the pleasure of working with @morganmcdonald__ to produce an IGTV episode. Let us know what you think! And who you want to see next!

For some of you who somehow may not know Morgan, here’s some of his achievements;
13.15 for 5000m, XC, Indoor and outdoor NCAA champion, National champion, World championship competitor and much much more…

  • NCAA Women’s XC Rankings 2021
    The more races that happen, the more accurate the rankings will get. Mercy Chelangat, 1 Whittni Orton, 2 Ceili McCabe, 3 Taylor Roe, 4 Abby Nichols, 5 Kelsey Chmiel, 6 Grace Forbes, 7 Jenna Mulhern, 8 Lauren Ryan, 9 Jenna Magness, 10 Bethany Hasz, 11 Taryn O’Neill, 12 Katelyn Tuohy, 13 Lauren Gregory, 14 Ellie Leather, 15 Emily Covert, 16 Cailie Logue, 17 Sophie Ryan, 18 Amaris Tyynismaa, 19 Elise Stearns, 20 Flomena Asekol, 21 Hannah Steelman, 22 Alison Pray, 23 Amanda Vestri, 24 Julia Heymach, 25 Nicole Fegans, 26 Sara Bailey, 27 Krissy Gear, 28 Abby Kohut-Jackson, 29 Ashlyn …

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  • NCAA Men’s XC Rankings 2021
    Not perfect but better 🙂 Conner Mantz, 1 Adriaan Wildschutt, 2 Wesley Kiptoo, 3 Cooper Teare, 4 Isai Rodriguez, 5 Abdihamid Nur, 6 Victor Kiprop, 7 Dylan Jacobs, 8 Charles Hicks, 9 Athanas Kioko, 10 Nico Young, 11 Aaron Bienenfeld, 12 Drew Bosley, 13 Eduardo Herrera, 14 Cole Sprout, 15 Casey Clinger, 16 Bob Liking, 17 Morgan Beadlescomb, 18 Ky Robinson, 19 Amon Kemboi, 20 Yared Nuguse, 21 Camren Todd, 22 Alec Basten, 23 Marcelo Rocha, 24 Ian Shanklin, 25 Ahmed Muhumed, 26 Wil Smith, 27 Brandon Garnica, 28 Shea Foster, 29 Danny Kilrea, 30 Duncan Hamilton, 31 Alex Maier, …

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  • Hoka Bondi X Review
    Hoka Bondi X review Hoka have been a prominent force in the high stack running shoe space over the last few years, but for me personally they’ve lacked innovation that has put them on a gradually decline compared to other footwear companies that have been prevalent in foam and structure innovation. However, the Hoka Bondi X, as well as the new(ish) Ricon 3 and Mach 4 have firmly established Hoka back at the top of the game. The upper Nothing new here, so if you like the Hoka upper then you’ll like this. For me an upper just needs a …

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  • Top-level competition continues with Cross Country Tour and World Indoor Tour
    Less than a month after the conclusion of the World Athletics Continental Tour Gold series, top-level action will get under way again this weekend with the Cardiff Cross Challenge, the first Gold standard meeting of the new World Athletics Cross Country Tour. Full timetable below: It marks the start of a six-month stretch of high quality competitions, because just as the 2021-2022 Cross Country Tour nears its conclusion, the World Athletics Indoor Tour will begin, with the first Gold level fixture slated for 28 January in Karlsruhe. As announced last month, the Cross Country Tour has replaced the former Cross Country …

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  • Mary Cain sues disgraced Nike coach Alberto Salazar
    Promising former runner, Mary Cain who broke the American high school 800m record at age 17, has filed a law suit against disgraced former Nike coach, Alberto Salazar. Mary Cain, the former Oregon Project athlete and former 800m high school record holder has, in an explosive move, sued her former coach Alberto Salazar and Nike for an incredible $20 million. Her lawsuit details hugely concerning allegations of emotional abuse that started as early as the age of 16 when she joined the team. She says that Salazar was obsessed with her weight and would repeatedly subject her to public embarrassment …

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